As Catholics, we believe that our Faith and Good Works go hand in hand.

We seek to build up the Kingdom in many ways and one such way is seeing that our brothers and sisters have enough to eat, a secure place to live, clothes to wear, and feel welcome at St. Brigid. We are committed to instructing them in the faith and assuring them that we care about them when they are in need. Parishioners at St. Brigid of Kildare embrace many forms of outreach to those with needs. We have many different forms of ministry functioning within the parish and its related organizations. Each fall, the parishioners are invited to a Tapestry Weekend where each ministry in the parish demonstrates what it does and seeks new volunteers. What follows is not an exhaustive list but a good example of the many ministry opportunities available through the parish. If you are interested in a particular ministry that you do not see listed here, please go to the Parish Guide webpage. Contact information is also available in the back of the Guide to Parish Life.

Bereavement Luncheon Committee

This dedicated group of volunteers provides a meal for the family and friends of persons whose funeral is celebrated at St. Brigid. Members of the Parish can sign up to prepare food and drop it off and/or to actually serve at the meal. Usually there is only a one to three day notification.

Sunshine Committee

This sub-committee of the Women’s Club helps Parish families celebrate new babies or supports them through illness or injury by taking them home cooked dinners or meeting some other need. This caring group continues its efforts all year. Simply call the current chairperson or the Parish office and let this dedicated group bring some sunshine to your day.

New Parishioner Welcome Committee

The goal of our welcoming committee is to give every new family or individual a sense of belonging and help them become an integral part of our faith community. We personally contact our newest members and invite them to participate in a special blessing at Mass.

Bethany Women

A joint effort between St. Brigid and St. Brendan Parishes allows women who are either divorced or in the process of divorce, to come together for spiritual conversation and social support. This is not a formal support group or therapy; it is simply an opportunity for women to share this life-changing experience in a safe environment.

Elizabeth Ministry

Committed to celebrating the gift of motherhood, this ministry provides a spiritual and educational outlet for women. They meet each month to connect and provide one-on-one support and to strengthen each other through prayer, education, community and community outreach. All women are welcome to come and listen or share their experiences.

Catholic Young Adults (CYA)

Many adults who have graduated from high school lose that feeling of connectedness to their Church family. At St. Brigid, we have a network of young adults who are single or newly married without children, who plan social events, faith in action opportunities, Bible Study and other experiences that enrich their faith journey.

Youth Ministry Adult Volunteers

“It takes a village to raise a child.” Research indicates that the teens of the world need at least three adult role models in their lives besides parents and family. A positive adult influence is essential to the development of a teen’s faith. We are looking for those with a strong love for teenagers who would like to help in ministering to high school youth.

Liturgical Ministries

St. Brigid provides training semiannually for those interested in serving as Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Greeters, Ushers and Junior Ushers, and Altar Servers. (For information on each Ministry refer to the section on Liturgical Ministry.)

Holy Wash - Martha’s Ministry

Volunteers collect and carefully wash purificators and other linens used for Masses each week. This is a ministry that appeals to the detail-oriented person who enjoys working “behind the scene.” Ideally, the commitment is once a month or less.